My name is Toby Whelan. I’m an interaction designer with a fascination for human behaviour and a love of problem-solving. I like to create things with social purpose.

Human first, always.

Good design should help people become better versions of themselves. It should enable greater exploration of the self, the world and the people in it.

I strive to immerse myself in the world of the user; learning together and collaborating to create empathetic solutions that solve genuine problems.

Currently making cool stuff at Handmade. Welcome!

Rebuilding the Future

Exploring the power of youth activism.

Democratising Mobility

Meet Moment, a tangible travel planner for people with autism.

Tomorrow’s Anaesthesia Machine

Introducing Sandbox, a patient prediction to enable learning through failure in the OR.

Fidget for Good

Thesis project turned social enterprise. Meet MAKA, a DIY fidget toy for children with autism.


November 22, 2019

Fighting Digital Colonisation

An experiment in future technology governance Digital colonialism threatens the freedom, security and democracy of…
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Let’s talk

Get in touch at hi@tobywhelan.com, view my CV or reach out @toby_whelan.