The Challenge

We’re witnessing a worldwide movement of children engaging in activism and driving real change. More than ever, young people are taking a stand on issues they care about. This new generation have opened our eyes to the power of children’s voices – showing us that they should be our role models. I believe that investing in these people, who will build our future society, is the best bet for its existence.

But activism isn’t just about big societal change. With children, the powerful change happens within; through activism, you learn about yourself, about others, and about the world you live in. This seed, planted early, causes children to grow into socially-engaged, responsible citizens.

This project is an exploration of how design can help these children to empower themselves. Agents of Action is an activist project platform, guiding children through the activities of an ‘activism sprint’ to make change happen.

Thesis Report

No long, wordy PDF here. This report is made accessible and interactive, in Notion.

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