Students, researchers and staff in university schools often feel dissociated from one another; rarely connecting outside of the lecture theatre. How can we use multisensory interactions in academic spaces to create a richer community?


SensoBooth is a sensory photo booth that dispenses random tastes and smells, capturing users’ reactions and posting images to a community board.

Individual project (2016, completed over 10 days) for the University of Sussex Product Design BSc programme, in collaboration with the School of Engineering and Informatics. Winner of the ‘Thinking Big’ tutors award.

Skills include product design, experience prototyping, bodystorming, videography

Booth releases random smells and tastes, capturing users’ reactions
Photos are posted onto digital community board

Connecting University staff with students through shared multi-sensory experiences.

Open source data collection

Microsoft’s Project Oxford facial recognition API allows for participants’ response data to be collected and open sourced. This API also provides tools to automatically moderate adult content (a legitimate concern).